The ALF Technical Services marine group specializes in providing the best marine advisors and marine certified personnel in the industry. Our wide range of marine services provide our clients with the knowledge that we will do everything possible to ensure safe ships, commercial success, and clean seas. We ensure quality operations whether they are marine terminal evolutions, tanker operations, or offshore floating facilities with USCG certified marine personnel.

Our marine services group can assist in all aspects of ship inspection coordination, assessment and analysis. The multitude of information on ship quality is gathered from many sources including vessel inspections, owner assessments, industry reports, terminal and operations feedback, market intelligence, casualty data, reputation and questionnaires. All aspects meet or exceed the International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminal (ISGOTT) guidelines as published by the Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF).

Marine Services

Some of the terminal, tanker, and offshore resources we provide are:

  • Offshore Installation Managers (OIM)
  • Barge Supervisors
  • Ballast Control Operators (BCO)
  • Terminal Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Seastaff
  • Marine Documentation (O&M and Emergency Response Manuals)
  • Assistance in Ship and Terminal Vetting
  • Safety Assessment of:
    • Cargo transfer
    • Crude oil washing
    • Ballasting
    • Bunkering
    • Safe mooring arrangement
    • Tending of vessel moorings
marine services

Let the marine services group at ALF Technical Services facilitate your offshore operations. We will ensure the safety of your personnel and equipment and provide quality data for operations efficiency.