Project Management

ALF Technical Services Project Management Group provides assistance to our client’s projects by establishing project strategy, execution plans, total cost of ownership, as well as up to date project progression reporting; while implementing Best Practices and Lessons Learned.¬†We at ALF strive to align our project and engineering staff’s expertise with our clients needs by integrating the project team with the client’s project management processes.

ALF Technical Services works closely with project managers and project engineering to identify and align all tasks in a timely and efficient manner to sustain project goals. Adding the necessary support allows for project team alignment thus enhancing business objectives as well as providing a clearer project scope. The alignment of team resources provides for a more complete risk identification and a more focused organization plan and execution of actual project benchmarks while reducing capital expenditures. Our project planning expertise increases project value and allows for fewer changes during engineering and construction phase.

Benefits for our clients:

  • Total project management
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management
  • Controlled trend identification and management of change
  • Better decisions alignment and communication
  • Improved facility performance
  • Front-end Loading
  • Cost Estimates and Scheduling
  • Overall cost reduction through improved efficiency