As of November 2011, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) requires that offshore operators in the outer continental shelf (OCS) of the United States implement safety and environmental management system (SEMS) to identify and manage operational hazards and impacts to promote human safety and environmental protection.

SEMS programs must cover the seventeen elements contained in API RP 75:

  • General provisions
  • Safety and environmental information
  • Hazards analysis
  • Management of change
  • Operating procedures
  • Safe work practices
  • Training
  • Mechanical integrity
  • Pre-startup review
  • Emergency response and control
  • Investigation of incidents
  • Auditing the program
  • Records and documentation
  • Stop Work Authority (SWA)
  • Ultimate Work Authority (UWA)
  • Employee Participation (EPP)
  • Reporting unsafe work conditions

ALF Technical Services offers customized services to help our clients develop, implement, and maintain a Safety & Environmental Management System (SEMS) program as required by the Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement (BSEE). Examples of ALF Technical Services deliverables include:

  • Build a SEMS program from the ground up
  • Conduct annual review of SEMS
  • Provide SEMS program assessments and recommendations
  • Maintain SEMS program
  • Assist with closing action items from SEMS Audits
  • Provide coaching and training
  • Our subject matter experts have considerable operator experience and expertise and can enhance your SEMS Program in many ways.